Should I upgrade to Sierra?

DON'T RUSH is Miss Mac's Opinion

I know that new stuff is cool, and double that when it's free, but unless there is a feature, you need to have, there's no reason to rush into upgrading to Sierra.

If your system is critical, then it might be a good idea to hold back on upgrading. After all, it's not like Sierra is a limited resource. If you don't upgrade today, it'll still be there when you decide you're ready, complete with patches and and the typical bug-fixes.

To be honest with you, Sierra is going to really slow down your computer if it is an older model. Unless there is something you absolutely need in the new Operating System, I wouldn't upgrade. You can call me if your aren't sure how old your computer is. If it is newer, I'd probably give Sierra a while to mature before installing it.

Sometimes it is best to slow down to go fast.


And How do I tell which model I have?

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